Quick Split
CimatronE Parting Advantages
Simply and quickly split plastic parts into core and cavity
Easily take parting line decisions by assigning faces to different opening directions
Create highest quality parting surfaces, with automated shut-offs and run-offs
Instantly identify draft angles and undercuts at the early stages, saving time and money at later stages
Advanced parting Motion Simulation for error-free design
Advanced set of design tools for smooth cavity design
Support for any mold layout - including multi-cavity and family or multi-part molds
Complete support of multiple opening directions (core, cavity, sliders and lifters)
The only true hybrid solution working seamlessly with both open and closed model
Rapid, Reliable Parting
Parting it can be the easiest part of your job or the hardest. With geometries becoming more complex every day, you need a tool that can guarantee constant productivity - a tool that can tackle the tough jobs as well as it handles the simple ones. CimatronE Parting offers moldmakers professionals like you the industry's fastest reliable parting. From automatic parting line detection and definition, through easy undercut and draft angle analysis, and including cutting-edge high-quality parting surface creation CimatronE Parting makes your job easier, faster, and mistake-free.
Split Even Without Stitch
CimatronE Parting allows you to split closed solid models. However, unlike other systems, it also allows immediate parting of any open model, with no need for lengthy solid body stitching. This enables you to make parting design decisions at the earliest stages of the project, without investing unnecessary model preparation work. This also makes CimatronE Parting ideal for quoting and preliminary design, where instant results are simply a must.
Easy Parting, Intuitive Editing
CimatronE Parting automatically assigns all your model faces to the correct opening directions. To support more complex molds, CimatronE Parting allows you to define multiple opening directions, easily supporting any number of sliders and lifters. Once the initial split into core, cavity, sliders and lifters is done, CimatronE Parting offers the easiest and friendliest editing and analysis tools on the market today, featuring :
Draft angle and undercut analysis at the click of a mouse to ensure that your parting design is flawless
Built-in parting line visualization and motion simulation that saves time and redesigns - guaranteeing one-time, mistake-free parting design
Highest Quality Parting Surfaces
Without world-class parting surfaces quality, end products will fall short of your high standards. That's why CimatronE Parting offers a rich selection of specialized parting surface tools, and features automatic recognition and creation of internal (shut-off) surfaces, and semi-automated external (run-off) parting surface creation.
Excellence for All Mold Types
CimatronE Parting delivers quality parting functionality for all mold types. Supporting all mold layouts including multi-cavity and family molds CimatronE Parting easily handles complex parts with thousands of surfaces as well as simple ones.