Best-in-class integrated tooling solution
Intelligent automation with optimal user control
Delivers superior quality while raising productivity
Faster time to delivery
Redefining Cost-Effective Time to Delivery
Today's toolmaking world moves fast. Clients demand ever-higher levels of quality, with ever-shorter time to delivery. Design changes need to be handled swiftly at any phase of the tooling process – even during machining. And margins get tighter as competition gets tougher.

To maintain profitability, every minute of design, engineering, operation, and machining time is crucial. Time wasted in unnecessary setups, repetitive procedures, and time-consuming data conversions hurts your bottom line.
Cimatron Listens and Delivers
For over 20 years, Cimatron has been working with toolmakers worldwide - listening and integrating excellent ideas from professionals like you.

Like you, we understand that in today's tooling market, time to delivery can make or break a deal. Like you, we know that keeping overhead under control is key to survival.

That's why we created CimatronE : the first fully integrated, end-to-end solution for toolmakers.

From quoting to delivery, and everything in between, CimatronE offers your shop faster time to market and uncompromising quality, while lowering overhead. Built with toolmakers like you in mind, CimatronE sets the industry standard for cost-effective time to delivery.
An Integrative Solution - From Quoting to Delivery
CimatronE meets and exceeds expectations at each and every stage of the design and machining process.

From mold and die quoting utilities that help you produce more accurate proposals in less time, through an automated mold design application, to advanced automated NC - CimatronE covers the entire scope of your business with no time-consuming data conversion.

Fully associative functionality means that changes made in one module are automatically reflected in all associated modules - raising accuracy, lowering human error, and boosting productivity.