Easy to Use
High level of automation reduces interaction time
Allows users to activate functions with pre-defined defaults and formulas
Features a simplified user interface
Easily-accessible powerful CAD functions embedded within the NC environment
High Level of Productivity Even for Novice Users
Template-driven programming allows novice users to create efficient toolpaths rapidly
Automated recognition of remaining stock and adaptive machining strategies
Easy transition to full CimatronE NC package, with no productivity loss
Capture and Distribute Company Know-How
Companys NC experts capture and distribute machining knowledge and best practices:
Definition of machining strategies
Definition of cutting conditions
Definition of NC-programming control level
Definition of available CAD functionality
True Shop Floor Programming for CNC Operators
Designed for CNC operators, CimatronE NC-Lite demands almost no NC programming experience :
Self-adapting machining strategies for efficient toolpaths
In-process recognition of stock allows safe toolpath generation
Smooth multi-cutter toolpath without dangerous manual editing
Solution Capabilities
CimatronE NC-Lite can machine 3-axis parts of any size and shape, and includes :
2.5-axis operations drill, pocket and profile
3-axis milling and 2-axis positioning
Effective wireframe and surfacing functions
Robust standard and direct data interface
Rich built-in set of manufacturing templates
Improve Communication between Shop Floor and Engineering
CimatronE NC-Lite can be easily operated in conjunction with CimatronE NC - smoothing communication between the shop floor and engineering without demanding extensive shop floor CAM training. For example:
CimatronE NC users can complete jobs started on CimatronE NC-Lite
CimatronE NC-Lite users can load files from CimatronE - including toolpaths
CimatronE NC users can generate CimatronE NC-Lite toolpaths
CimatronE NC-Lite Use Cases
Side-by-side with CimatronE NC
A combination of CimatronE NC seats and CimatronE NC-Lite seats is ideal for medium to large NC shops that employ multiple NC users with different skill levels. With CimatronE NC-Lite, simple tasks can be done by less skilled employees, under the guidance of NC experts.
Automated 3-axis solution for specific tasks
Many specific 3-axis milling tasks can be highly automated, for example :
Almost 90% of electrodes can be machined with a small set of predefined smart templates
For milling of plates prior to heat treatment - rough, rerough and semi-finish can be done by CimatronE NC-Lite at the click of a button
General purpose, true shop floor solution for CNC operators
By offloading some NC programming from engineeringlevel NC programmers to the shop floor, shops save money and increase productivity.