CimatronE NC includes a knowledge-based automated drilling application, Flexible 2.5 Axis Solution and Knowledge-Based Drilling.
QuickDrill, designed to operate using any data - solids, surfaces and 2D/3D wire-frame. QuickDrill automatically creates an optimized drilling process - recognizing holes and applying pre - defined drilling sequences according to company standards.

CimatronE NC 2.5-axis functionality supports any number of input contours, draft angle and entry control, and 5-axis positioning to reduce setup time.
Efficient Roughing Functionality
CimatronE NC's powerful 3-axis roughing solution creates a highly-efficient toolpath by adapting machining strategy to part geometry and actual stock.

CimatronE NC maintains a constantly-updated model of remaining stock. This allows the system to generate efficient toolpaths - including second rough operations - minimize air motions, create safe and minimal approach and retract motions, and adjust feed rates according to actual tool load.
High Quality Finishing
CimatronE NC's robust 3/5-axis finishing application provides high surface quality for any model shapes using optimized machining strategy.

Based on slope and curvature analysis, part geometry and tool accessibility, CimatronE's finishing machining strategies include :
Adaptive Z layers
True spiral motions
All rounded motions
Flow-line machining
Cleanup (rest machining) and pencil
Slope controlled finishing
Productive High-Speed Milling
For highly-productive High - Speed Milling (HSM), polish-less surface quality, and long tool life - CimatronE NC provides many advanced features. The system generates an all-rounded toolpath with constant tool load, including trochoidal milling, advanced clean between passes, and state of the art ridges removal.
Effective Electrode Machining Solution
CimatronE NC is the most complete solution for designing, documenting and manufacturing EDM electrodes. The system provides machining strategies optimized for electrode machining, including parameters to compensate for spark gap, 2D/3D orbiting, as well as utilizing flat cutters with negative offset.

With built-in milling templates, a complete machining process can be implemented on any geometry with a single mouse click, including dedicated machine processes for ultra-thin electrodes.