NC Solution
Rapid delivery without compromise
A complete solution for NC from 2.5-axis to continuous 5-axis, from micro milling to large bumpers
Optimized tool paths lower machining time and reduce tool wear-and-tear
The right combination of automation and optimal user control shortens programming time
Superior surface quality
No Compromise
In today's shop there's no room for compromise. Clients expect excellent surface quality and short delivery time often while changing models well into the machining process. To stay competitive, you need to program and machine any part, quickly and efficiently. You need a solution that automates key processes for speed, yet leaves your users firmly in control.

Enter Cimatron. A world leader in CAD/CAM solutions since 1982, Cimatron delivers the only NC solution that offers your shop no compromise no compromise on quality and no compromise on time to delivery.
Machine Any Part
CimatronE NC delivers the confidence of knowing that you can machine any part, period. From the routine to the complex, and everything in between, Cimatron takes the guesswork out of on-schedule, on-budget delivery. From simple 2.5 - axis milling and drilling to complex
5-axis machining - CimatronE NC provides the full range of technologies needed to get the job done.
Advanced Micro Milling and Aerospace Milling
CimatronE NC thrives in highly - demanding manufacturing environments like aerospace and micro milling. A dedicated aerospace application provides full - user - controlled 5 - axis milling with automated monitoring of tool and holder collision check with the part, remaining stock and fixtures. For miniature and high-precision parts - the CimatronE NC micro milling application is optimized to cut parts down to 0.1 mm with tolerances as tight as 0.00001 mm - resulting in superb surface quality.
Maximum Control
CimatronE NC complements the knowledge and experience of NC programmers. It offers the right combination of automation and hands-on decision-making power.

While initial steps can be quickly accomplished with userfriendly guides and reusable templates, control over all functionality remains firmly in the experienced hands of the programmer.

Advanced template functionality further automates programming, allowing reuse of specific procedures and even complete machining processes. Easy template management helps retain crucial company knowledge capturing expertise and know-how for later use.
Highly-Productive Working Environment
Designed with your users, your timeframes, and your market in mind - CimatronE NC was built for productivity, offering :
Rich CAD functionality built into the NC environment
An integrative solution - eliminating data interface hassles while effectively supporting changes
High level of automation combined with maximum user control
Intuitive user interface makes the right tools available at the right time and in the right place on the screen