Powerful and Time-Saving Catalog Tools
CimatronE includes highly functional catalog tools for easy access to parts from all common mold catalogs, such as Hasco, DME, Strack, Futaba, and Misumi. All catalog parts may be customized, and custom user catalog design is simple and quick. Integration of catalog parts into assemblies is simple with smart selection of sizes, easy positioning of items, and automatic pocketing for each item.
CimatronE's powerful and time-saving catalog tools allow entire subassemblies to be defined as one catalog item, and then re-used in other projects.

User-defined drawing libraries are also supported. These libraries allow any group of drawing features to be saved as a catalog item and retrieved for later use.
Ready-to-Use Mechanisms
Based on the powerful CimatronE catalog tools, a rich set of mold mechanisms (sliders, lifters, etc.) is available and ready for use in assemblies. Custom catalog items may also be created for frequentlyused mechanisms. This allows re-use of designs, and easy incorporation into mold assemblies.
Optimizing Parting
CimatronE's parting application offers an advanced set of analysis and design tools, allowing smooth optimization of the cavity design process. Supporting all mold layouts - including multi-cavity and family molds - the CimatronE parting tool can handle complex parts with thousands of surfaces.

CimatronE parting tools easily analyze draft angles and undercuts, assign surfaces to different opening directions, and simulate parting motion for each given part. CimatronE parting tools deliver all the flexibility needed for active part design, including special surfacing tools for advanced parting surface design
Flexible Mold Base Manipulation
CimatronE's mold base tool enables mold makers to load an entire mold base plate set according to various catalog standards in just minutes. this allows fully-featured mold base editing at any point in the design process. Taking into consideration active parts size and different offsets in different directions, the tool facilitates plate size optimization. Further, the mold base tool allows the addition of various components such as leader pins and sprue bushing.
Customized Ejection Systems
Ejection system design in CimatronE is done with a dedicated set of tools that offer:
Easy and fast positioning of ejectors, using hybrid 2D/3D techniques
Smart trimming of ejectors, supporting all trimming methods
Creation of a smart pocket – tight around the upper end of the ejector and loose along the body
Linking of ejectors to CimatronE's drafting system, so they are automatically marked as ejectors in drawings
Simplifying Complex Cooling System Design
CimatronE includes a set of tools that simplify design of complex cooling systems, including all cooling elements (channels, plugs, connectors, baffles, nipples, etc.). Leveraging the 3D environment, CimatronE design tools allow detection of interference. The system provides alerts if cooling channels are positioned too close to other key components. The highly accurate cooling channel design ensures that channel geometry takes into account the exact shape created by the drilling tools, including extensions and drill tips.