Mold Design
Advanced mold design with the toolmaker in mind
Created by toolmakers for toolmakers
Maximum control and productivity with rich set of applicative tools
Built for speed - efficient wizard-based functions and ergonomic interface
Lowers time-to-market - raises quality and productivity
Why Cimatron
In the highly-competitive toolmaking world, "time-to-market", "quality", and "flexibility" are not just buzzwords - they're your way of doing business, and a key to your success.

Your customers demand adaptability to a wide range of projects, faster delivery, and flexible on-the-fly response to design changes - with no compromise on quality. Prices are down, overhead up, and margins eroding. Rapid and precise mold design can mean the difference between staying competitive and losing business.

Enter Cimatron. The world leader in toolmaking CAD/CAM solutions since 1982, Cimatron delivers the only mold design solution specifically designed to meet the unique needs of toolmakers.
Created by Toolmakers for Toolmakers
For over 20 years, Cimatron has listened to toolmakers worldwide – working together closely to integrate excellent ideas from design professionals like you. The result – a field-proven mold design solution optimized to speed your design process, and experienced support engineers ready to assist you at the Cimatron customer support hotline.
Maximum Control
CimatronE MoldDesign complements the knowledge and experience of mold makers. It offers the right combination of automation and hands-on decision-making power. While initial steps can be quickly accomplished with user-friendly guides, all functionality remains firmly in the experienced hands of the mold maker.
Rich Applicative Functionality
CimatronE MoldDesign includes all the applicative tools that mold makers need to get the job done right the first time, including :
Highly flexible mold base configuration
Powerful tools for designing runners, ejectors, and cooling systems
Automatic creation of pockets for inserts
Smart component positioning and manipulation
Built for Speed
The Cimatron MoldDesign methodology delivers quality results with unprecedented speed. Unmatched 3D design speed and automatic BOM (Bill of Materials) creation speed time-to-market, and allow initial part ordering and manufacturing process preparation. The intuitive user interface makes the right tools available at the right time and in the right place on the screen. Uncluttered workspace with context-sensitive toolbars and menus increases productivity and shortens delivery time.
Rapid Preliminary Design
The unique CimatronE design methodology allows unrivalled preliminary 3D design speed. The system allows rough design of cooling, ejection and runner systems. Preliminary designs are easily changed, and alternative solutions can be examined with no extra design overhead.

The result : a rapidly - produced 3D mold that can be used as a basis for final mold design after revisions and customer approval.

CimatronE also automatically produces a preliminary BOM, allowing materials ordering and initial machining long before final design approval.