Safe and Highly-Efficient Toolpaths
To eliminate the risk of tool breakage, reduce air-cutting motions, maintain tool load and lengthen tool life, CimatronE Micro Milling constantly and automatically records remaining stock details, even at the micro-component level. CimatronE Micro Milling features :
Recognition of actual remaining micro stock
Special function to Rough and Finish in the same operation
Adaptive tool-load control
Trochoidal milling for roughing
Flowline and 5-Axis Milling
Best surface quality by following the natural geometric flow 5-axis tilting to machine deep areas with conic tapered tools Production of miniature parts with complex formed surfaces Automatic identification of tool orientation according to the cutter, holder, and part
Optimized Milling Strategy
The smaller the component to be milled - the more quality results depend on an optimal automated machining strategy. CimatronE Micro Milling features :
Dedicated functions to machine micro components such as rough and finish in a single operation, and round toolpath with very small step over
Adaptive machining strategies like :
Automatic definition of optimal approach and retract motions
Automatic identification of roughing strategy
Smart usage of tools of differing lengths, without fragmenting the toolpath
Automatic implementation of rerough during cleanup
Adaptive feed control to maintain constant tool load
High Accuracy Integral CAD
In the micro-milling arena, accuracy and quality of geometry is mission critical. Even small gaps, overlaps, or geometrical discontinuities can significantly affect surface quality. CimatronE Micro Milling includes built-in, highly-accurate (0.001 microns) surface creation and mending tools, reducing programming time and ensuring that machined geometry meets tough quality requirements.

"Micro-Milling technology has now made the step from the science lab to the shop floor. We are happy to see that as a result of the European Micro-Milling Research Project, Cimatron has already implemented special Micro Milling functions in their new software release."

Thomas Bergs, Chief Engineer, Fraunhofer Inst i t ute for Product ion Technology (IPT), Aachen, Germany
About Cimatron
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