Micro Milling
Pioneering Solutions for Micro-Milling and Manufacturing
The first commercial NC application for milling micro-components
Cost-effective, efficient design and manufacture of miniature high-precision parts and molds
Superb surface quality within tolerance as tight as 0.0001 mm using cutting tools with diameters down to 0.1 mm
High geometric accuracy with built-in CAD tools
Shrinking Dimensions, Growing Expectations
More and more of your clients - medical, optics, computer components, and others - depend on your ability to cost-effectively manufacture very small, high-precision parts and molds.

Today, you're expected to work on a scale, and with a level of accuracy that you couldn't have dreamed of a year ago. That's why today, you're either facing the challenges of micro-milling - or watching as the competition does so.

To meet this challenge, Cimatron leveraged two decades of NC expertise, cooperation with international academic institutions, leading machine and tool vendors, to pioneer the first solution that enables effective scaling of jobs to the micro environment.
The Micro Milling Programming Environment
Micro-systems machining demands :
High precision :5 microns (um) or less
High surface quality (Ra) : 0.2 microns or less
Narrow ribs : 0.5 mm or less
Hardened steel : 45 HRC or more
Cimatron micro-milling technology supports :
Small tool diameter : 100 micron or less
High tool aspect ratio (L/D) : 10 and up to 100
High spindle speed :150,000 RPM or more
Tight machining tolerance : 0.1 micron or less
Micro-systems machining demands :
Quick, safe and high-quality machining of miniature parts and molds
Superior surface quality and tight machining tolerance
Reduce the use of high-overhead EDM by 5-axis micro-milling of tiny details
Shorter machining time and lower tool wear-and-tear using high-speed milling and dedicated machining strategies
Flawless handling of imperfect geometry with built-in CAD tools
High Speed Milling for Polishless Machining
In micro-milling, hand polishing is not an option - and polishless surfaces quality is a necessity. That's why CimatronE Micro Milling supports :
All rounded motions toolpaths, including true-spiral milling
Large rounding radius (0.3) with small step-over (0.03)
Adaptive Z-layer finishing
Zero-overlap trochoidal finishing of ridges