Detailed Design
The CimatronE Electrode Solution contains flexible surface extension and creation functions, optimized for electrode. Design time is dramatically reduced by automated selection of open edges to be extended or shut, and by applying standard and user-defined process templates that effectively reduce the entire electrode creation process down to a few clicks of the mouse.

Holders may be conveniently selected from the holder library - ensuring the right fit to the blank. The system enables the user to check for possible collisions of the complete electrode with the part or the fixtures.
Inspection and Burning Drawing
The CimatronE Electrode Solution creates an inspection drawing for each of the electrodes, allowing shop floor staff to verify electrode dimensions prior to burning.

The system also creates a setup & burning sheet for each of the electrodes, with corresponding locations and rotations, as well as a drawing of the complete EDM process.
Effectively adapting the renowned power of CimatronE NC to electrode machining, the CimatronE Electrode Solution creates a complete userdefined machining process at the click of a button. Supporting a wide range of 2.5 and 3-axis NC operation, the system enables machining of any electrode - from the simple to the very complex. The CimatronE Electrode Solution is also optimized for fine ribs, with built-in features that support machining of very thin elements.
Machining Efficiency
CimatronE Electrode Solution leverages real-time knowledge of actual stock remaining and adaptive machining strategies, to generate efficient toolpaths.

The system features support for high-speed milling, in both rough and finish procedures.
Consider Burning Parameters
The CimatronE Electrode Solution also features built-in support for the burning parameters, incorporated into electrode machining strategies. The system compensates for the electrode's Spark Gap, rough offset, and 2D or 3D orbiting.

To simplify the electrodes design and manufacturing processes, CimatronE Electrode Solution can generate rough, semi-rough and finish electrodes with different rough offsets, spark gaps and orbiting parameters using the same electrode geometry.
Process Automation
The CimatronE Electrode Solution includes easily-customized process templates that create efficient milling procedures.

Depending on electrode geometry, milling strategies are automatically selected - and the system uses color-coding of functional faces to further automate and simplify NC programming.