Comprehensive electrode design and manufacturing with a difference
Field-proven solution, optimized for rapid end-to-end electrode design and manufacturing
High quality, efficient machining of any electrode in minimal programming time
Raises productivity and dramatically shortens the EDM cycle
The Cimatron Difference
You know the difference when you see it. You can spot a quality solution created by a veteran vendor with hands-on electrode experience. The first time you use it, you can tell that the people that created this solution know electrodes like you do.

That's the Cimatron difference.

Cimatron understands that the design and manufacture of electrodes is one of the most specialized and delicate processes in the manufacturing cycle. It's not a place for amateurs, or second-best results. To handle ever-increasing quality demands, and ever-tighter budget and time constraints, Cimatron introduces the first end-to-end electrode solution. From design through production, from documentation to burning, the CimatronE Electrode Solution offers you :
Higher Productivity and Faster Delivery
By automating time consuming processes like geometry extraction and documentation, lowering EDM setup time, and enabling realistic simulation prior to production and burning, the CimatronE Electrode Solution increases productivity, lowers overhead and reduces human error.
From Design to Production
The CimatronE Electrode Solution is the only end-to-end electrode solution to provide world-class CAD and CAM for electrodes. It features built-in machining strategies optimized for electrode machining, including the ability to compensate for Spark Gap, and 2D/3D orbiting using ball, bull and flat cutters.
The Right Balance of Automation and Manual Control
The CimatronE Electrode Solution complements the knowledge and experience of electrode professionals. It offers the right combination of automation and handson decision-making power. While time-consuming and repetitive tasks can be quickly accomplished with userfriendly guides and templates, all functionality remains firmly in the experienced hands of the user.
The CimatronE Electrode Solution excels at detailed and automated electrode design, offering advanced tools for easy selection of burning surfaces, powerful surface extension and creation functions, and libraries of standard and user-defined blanks and holders. Always keeping your productivity in mind, entire processes, or specific stages of processes, can be saved as templates and easily be applied to other electrodes.
Burning Area Extraction
The CimatronE Electrode Solution extracts the burning surfaces by simply placing and rotating a blank around the desired burning area. The system automatically selects all the relevant burning surfaces, regardless of their number and complexity, and trims all the other reference surfaces by the selected blank.

To shorten design time and minimize cost, the user can use a library of standard blanks, while minimizing the required blank dimensions by rotating and centering it around the burning area.