Die Design
Your Expertise, Our Tools
Best-in-class application and toolset for practical die design
Save hours generating accurate quotes - even for complex jobs
Dramatically shorten your strip design cycle
Reduce trial iterations and mistakes
One integrated solution replaces multiple CAD and analysis tools
The Art of Diemaking Lives in CimatronE DieDesign
From the earliest days of metalworking, master craftsmen have passed on the art of diemaking in a rich tradition. Even in the modern era, diemaking relies as much on the skill and expertise of the diemakers as on the tools they use.

Cimatron recognizes that in today's increasingly competitive market, diemakers need advanced CAD/CAM and analysis tools that complement and leverage their experience not replace it. They need a system that offers the right balance between automation and full control over processes enabling increased productivity without compromising on quality. That's why we created CimatronE DieDesign.
A Single Solution - from Quoting to Production
From quoting through design and up to die production - CimatronE DieDesign covers the full spectrum of diemaking tasks, eliminating the need for multiple CAD/CAM and analysis tools. CimatronE DieDesign solution includes:
Data conversion from all standard formats and popular CAD software
Complete hybrid surface and solid design
2D and 3D modeling
Progressive strip design
Finite element analysis
Die set assembly
Drawings and documentation
Wire EDM
Milling and drilling
Support of engineering changes (ECO Management)
From the simplest to the most complex projects Cimatron's powerful toolset, flexible automation, and easy-to-master interface help you optimize design and minimize time to market.
Generate Accurate Quotes in Minutes
Accurate and professional quoting - key to your success - can be a long and painful process. CimatronE DieDesign features quoting tools that can save you hours of work rapidly providing you with precision information to shorten the quoting cycle and ensure your profitability.
Intelligent Toolbox Approach
CimatronE DieDesign makes the right tools available at the right time allowing you to choose from a comprehensive and intelligent application toolbox, and work the way you're most comfortable. CimatronE DieDesign never limits your creativity - empowering you to implement design concepts in the fastest and most productive way.
The Ideal Mix of Automation and Manual Control
CimatronE DieDesign complements your knowledge and experience. It offers the right combination of automation and hands-on decision-making power. While many steps of the diemaking process are streamlined with user-friendly guides or are fully automated control over all functionality always remains firmly in the experienced hands of the diemaker.
CimatronE DieDesign works the way you work. With an intimate understanding of diemaking, CimatronE DieDesign was created to fully support a natural diemaking workflow. CimatronE DieDesign gives you all the tools that you need, while maintaining the flexibility to leverage your experience and judgment. With CimatronE DieDesign, you're always in full control of every stage of the process - using as much automation and manual control as appropriate for the task at hand.