Designer Solution
Dedicated to real-life tooling processes
CimatronE Designer Solution is created especially fo r toolmakers. It is a CAD system that provides all you need for planning and drawing any tool, for all stages of the tool design process, including wireframe, surfaces, solids, assembly and drafting. Optimized for tooling, Designer Solution advances tooling processes more than any other system on the market.
Its dedicated applications - designed for real-life tooling needs - include parametric features, history-based structure, associative relations; The system reads multiple industry standards, and automatically checks and repairs imported data; Smart tools support model modification, geometry reconstruction, and preparation for mold design.

All these ensure the quickest delivery time, with a minimum of operations.
Designer Solution is fully integrated with all Cimatrons dedicated toolmaking applications, such as MoldDesign, Electrode and NC, which can be added as options for more advanced stages of toolmaking.
Product Highlights
Optimized for toolmaking, with dedicated functionality for all tooling processes.
Advanced editing capabilities for effective change management.
Work with wireframe, solids, surfaces, assemblies and drafting.
Industrys most advanced surfacing/solid hybrid 3D modeler, with true hybrid operation.
Exceptional drafting features, for complete drafts at desired quality.
Integrative solution, with full associativity with other toolmaking applications, such as NC and Electrode.
Key Benefits
Tool design without compromise :
Ability to plan and create any tool with full control of all processes.
Minimum of operations results in faster time to delivery.
Easy to learn and easy to use, resulting in short learning curve and implementation.
Advanced, ergonomic work environment - the tool you need is available when and where you need it resulting in higher productivity.
Reads all common of industry data-interface and native standards with automatic fixing of imperfect data.
Works on open or closed objects.
Complete set of enhanced hybrid tools for working with :
Imported data - checks and reconstructs flawed geometry.
Advanced assemblies - up to thousands of parts
Drafting quality drafting, even from open or imperfect geometry.
Analysis and measuring tools.