5-Axis Milling
Advanced 5-Axis Milling for Production
Complete solution for any 5-axis NC application
Rich set of 5-axis roughing and finishing strategies
Prevents tool and holder collision with part, stock and machine
Advanced material removal and machine simulations
A 5-Axis World
There's no doubt that today's advanced machining world turns on 5 axes. Allowing the accurate machining of complex shapes, 5-axismachining has long been the standard for aerospace and other advanced manufacturing fields such as :
Production of impellers & turbine blades
Production of ports and inlets
Production of cutting tools
Machining of aerospace structural parts
Machining of rubber molds
Machining of patterns and models
Complex machining parts
Micro milling
Your customers expect excellent surface quality for very complex parts and short delivery time. To maintain client satisfaction while producing each part individually - you need full control of toolpath definition. And, with complex programming cycles, geometry tweaking is usually required, demanding built-in CAD capabilities for surfaces. Finally, to get it right the first time, you need the confidence of knowing that what you see on the screen is exactly what the machine will produce.
A New World of 5-Axis Control
Now, CimatronE NC 5-Axis Production offers a complete 5-axis solution that puts NC professionals firmly in the 5-axis driver's seat. With full user control over every aspect of machining - including tool orientation, clearance area, entries and exits, links between lanes and layers, collision avoidance, and connection motions between operations - CimatronE NC 5-Axis Production gives experts productive tools they need to create highly-efficient, gouge-free toolpaths that produce complex parts with high surface quality.
A Rich Strategy Library
CimatronE NC 5-Axis Production includes a large library of machining strategies, supports a full range of cutters - including taper, lollipop and slot mill - and enables :
5-axis rough cutting - spiral, parallel, plunge milling
5-axis finish cutting - parallel, flow-line, penciling, morph between contours and surfaces -
Consideration of actual remaining stock to reduce air cutting
5-axis tiltingmachine deep cavities with short tools
5-axis contour milling and drilling
5-axis micro milling for miniature electronic and medical Parts
CAD Tools
As part of CimatronE NC, 5-Axis Production includes a robust set of surface creation and editing tools, enabling the user to rapidly prepare geometry for more optimized machining without requiring transfer of data between CAD and CAM systems.