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Case studies
These success stories demonstrate NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS efficiency:
AIRBUS (Aerospace)
The main reason for introducing NC simulation is to reduce the amount of time our machines were tied up by pre-production tasks. In addition to the time savings, NCSIMUL has delivered other benefits: shorter manufacturing cycles and the ability to debug programs immediately after the CAM programming phase.
SAFRAN Messier-Bugatti-Dowty (Aerospace)
After a short training of the engineering team and technical support from SPRING Technologies, we are now confident on directly launching a production on the NC machine tool after verification and validation through NCSIMUL. By minimizing the use of the machine for debugging, NCSIMUL allowed MBD to drastically increase its productivity: machines are now always dedicated to produce and only for that purpose while avoiding collisions. Another benefit is that all tool path incidents are now solved upstream, ever since the program development.
ALSTOM (Power)
We tried to use our CAM software to prove-out our tool paths, but the results were nowhere near as reliable as when we directly simulate our ISO codes with NCSIMUL. With NCSIMUL we are able to check and guarantee the accuracy of the tool paths of our NC machine-tool. We now use it systematically to check all our CAM tool paths. When you consider that a spindle head can cost 25,000 to 30,000 euros, as much as NCSIMUL.
ZF (Automotive)
The ZF Group, one of the first fifteen global automotive suppliers, known for its components for power transmissions, has decided to unify its tools of machining simulation by choosing NCSIMUL from Spring Technologies.
SMP (Machine builder)
Our Numaffut+ software is an ongoing development project, and we regularly develop a range of other in-house programs. Because NCSIMUL is able to directly decode the ISO program, we can use it to immediately simulate these new programs.
CRAFT (Mold & Die)
Initially, I was not convinced that we needed a simulation tool. I was afraid it might make our process more complicated. But, when I used NCSIMUL for the first time, I was surprised just how easy it was to use. I set it all up in just a few clicks.
SIDEL (Consumer goods)
To do this, SIDEL trusted SPRING Technologies and its NCSIMUL machine solution for the machining simulation for 13 years. Today SIDEL Group uses 12 NCSIMUL Machine workstations at its site in Normandy. The time savings are tangible, quantifiable and have proved to be substantial: some 15,000 hours per year!
RCR RICHARD CHILDRESS RACING (Automotive & Transportation equipment)
Kiziah said that performing a complete simulation with NCSIMUL Machine takes about 15 minutes. All of this happens at the PC computer desktop, so that no machining time is lost while the next CNC manufacturing program is being analyzed.