case study
URL : http://www.wiro.com
Location : Olpe, Germany
Industry : Injection Molds
"We trust the software completely for running our machines. At night, we operate a 'lights-out-shift' in which the machines continue to operate without supervision."

Mr. Reiner Rohlje, General Manager of WIRO Praezisions-Werkzeugbau
The Challenge
- Compete effectively with low cost mold makers
- Increase productivity without increasing company size
- Provide customers with a full service that includes product design (in some cases), mold design and mold manufacture, without loosing information in the process
The Solutions
Cimatron Integrated Mold making solution, including part design, mold design, electrodes, and full NC capabilities.
The Results
- The production of more complex, durable molds with a need for fewer modification makes possible a smaller ownership cost, thus making the molds more financially attractive and allowing WIRO to compete with mold producers who offer cheap low quality molds
- WIRO has increased productivity by about 20% in the last 5 years without major increases to the size of the company
- Cimatron's integrated solution allows WIRO to complete every part of the mold making process, from design to delivery, without having to switch from one software to another
- Dependability of the software allows WIRO to run machines unsupervised at night saving time and increasing productivity
WIRO is a family owned toolshop with 40 employees in Olpe, Germany. The toolshop produces molds for screw caps, closures and tube components. 90% of their tools are exported, with 80% of orders shipping outside of Europe. WIRO customers include the biggest multinational companies in the food and cosmetic sectors. WIRO are involved in their customers' work from consulting on the design of the part to coordinating injection molding at the customer's site.
Wiro is two time winner of the Mold maker of the year award at Germany's Excellence in tooling ceremony. WIRO won the award in 2006, and in 2008. The company did not compete in 2007 or 2009 because the winner is asked to bow out of the competition in the year immediately following a win.