case study
Ernst Keller
URL : www.keller-verbindungstechnik.de
Location : Arnsberg, Germany
Industry : Die making for the automotive industry
- Producing complex progressive dies with high level of precision
- Delivering top-quality dies to meet the high standards set for safety product components
- Increasing production levels of progressive dies while maintaining lower costs and shorter delivery times
- Issuing quick and accurate job quotations
Ernst Keller is using the CimatronE integrated end-to-end solution for design and manufacturing of progressive dies
- Cimatron's integrated solution and advanced die-specific design functionality enable Ernst Keller to shorten delivery times by up to 50%.
- Using Cimatron's Iges and native Catia translators, Ernst Keller is able to save time by eliminating the need to fix 3D models received from customers.
- Thanks to Cimatron's built-in analysis tools, Ernst Keller is able to build higher quality dies, reducing the need for outputting prototype parts prior to production start.
- Cimatron's quick design and analysis capabilities have helped Ernst Keller increase quotation accuracy and reduce preparation time by up to 90%.

"Thanks to DieDesign, we are able to win more business we are establishing a quotation at an average of only one hour Prior to DieDesign, we needed six hours."
Ernst Keller GmbH, Germany